Outreach and Civic Engagement

Capacity Building

Soft Skills Series (SSS)

In coordination with the Offices of the Dean of Students, OCE launched the Soft Skills Series (SSS) in July 2017, on both campuses. The workshops are geared at helping LAU students further develop and sharpen their soft skills through interactive and informative forums.

To date, 30 workshops have benefited more than 1010 LAU students:

Read more about SSS in the LAU Magazine & Alumni Bulletin.

Reliable Methodology for Right Majors (RM2)

Through a grant made possible by the US Embassy Embassy in Beirut – Public Diplomacy Department, the Reliable Methodology for Right Majors (RM2) guides public high school students to make informed decisions on their higher education and future careers.

Launched in 2019, RM2 draws a decision-making model to help students choose their majors, explore potential jobs, and plan for their career development. 

Individual Development Plans (IDPs)

This program is geared for scholars of the University Scholarship Program.

Structured Workshops

Based on a survey that collects information on students’ interests, needs and skills to be developed, the OCE tailors structured workshops to address those needs, in close coordination with the Career Development Services. Examples include, but are not limited to sessions with industry professionals, CV and cover letter writing, how to ace interviews and personal branding.

LEE-Leadership Empowerment Education

The program is established to address both, soft and digital skills needed by the youth nowadays. This intensive, focused and short-term learning program aims to equip students with a specific set of life skills that have immediate relevance to their career aspirations or academic goals. The program also seeks to build community-networking opportunities between participants and field experts (LAU Faculty) as well as with current LAU students. 


Civic Engagement Course 

Business 299: Civic Engagement Course

In Fall 2013 and in collaboration with the Adnan Kassar School of Business, OCE introduced a mandatory, zero-credit civic engagement course, Business 299, which became a core requirement of the BS in Business Studies program. Students may enroll in that course during any semester provided they have good academic standing.

The course is made up of two components:

In Fall 2019, 263 LAU students on both campuses volunteered with 21 NGOs from all over Lebanon.

Collaboration with Schools and Programs

Collaboration with the Nutrition Program

OCE collaborated with the BS in Nutrition program to match its students with relevant NGOs. The student volunteers completed 12 hours of mandatory volunteer work by the end of the semester.

OCE also offered the “Power of Passion” workshop to nutrition majors, as well as the “Power of Service” workshop to the program’s faculty and staff.

Collaboration with the School of Pharmacy

Since 2017, OCE has been collaborating with the School of Pharmacy to train its graduate students on emotional intelligence and conflict resolution.

The initiative prepared students for the four-month required Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE) in the United States, where the budding pharmacists boosted their academic learning in various patient-care settings and medical subspecialty environments.

In collaboration with the School of Pharmacy, OCE organizes the below workshops for P1 and P2 students: