Outreach and Civic Engagement

Community Service & Engagement (CSE)

Volunteerism, Networking, and Civic Engagement

Volunteer Teachers Program with MMKN NGO

In partnership with MMKN NGO since 2011, CSE has been instrumental in guiding LAU students to offer essential academic reinforcement to Grade 8 and 9 public school students. Our dedicated volunteers focus on scientific subjects and mathematics, working closely with schools and MMKN to ensure tailored support. Together, we continue our commitment to enhancing the educational journey of these young learners, fostering a brighter future.

Corporate Visits Series (CVS)

Corporate Visits Series (CVS) within CSE provide an enriching journey, offering the opportunity to explore a wide range of institutions and delve into their distinct work environments and civic responsibilities. You’ll gain invaluable insights into prominent companies, firms, and factories spanning various industries, offering a glimpse into potential future career cultures. This experience will also deepen your understanding of the pivotal role played by non-state actors in shaping our world. CVS serve as your gateway to a world of knowledge, service, and personal growth.

The USAID Higher Education Scholarship Program

CSE takes the helm of LAU’s transformative USAID Higher Education Scholarship Program (HES). This groundbreaking initiative opens the doors of higher education to academically gifted yet financially underprivileged students, both Lebanese and Non-Lebanese (Refugee/Displaced), hailing from diverse backgrounds. We believe in empowering dreams and creating opportunities. Discover more about our mission.