Outreach and Civic Engagement

Outreach, Leadership & Empowerment (OLE)

Outreach and Leadership Programs

Fellowship & Internship Program

The Fellowship Program offers graduate students the opportunity to stay connected and to be engaged in the LAU’s OLE leadership programs in Lebanon and abroad.

The Internship Program offers current students the opportunity to be engaged in the LAU’s OLE leadership programs in Lebanon and abroad and to fulfill non-academic internship requirements throughout their studies.

LAU Case Competition

The LAU Case Competition (LAU CC) was founded in 2018 as the first consultancy case competition in Lebanon, aiming to nurture innovation and analytical skills among top Lebanese undergraduates. It welcomes students from diverse majors and backgrounds to compete in solving business cases while receiving mentorship in the process: https://casecompetition.lau.edu.lb

Youth Leadership

Leadership-based programs that aim to engage students on the principles of inclusiveness, leadership, and civic engagement. These programs aim to foster a new generation of global leaders who are committed to creating a more just, inclusive, and equitable world.

DIALOGUE: engages Lebanese and American high school students on the principles of good governance, social justice, inclusiveness, leadership, and civic engagement. The program provides a platform for the students from both countries to engage in meaningful debate that promotes mutual understanding and respect for cultural diversity. Participants develop cross-cultural communication skills, leadership qualities, and a sense of global citizenship. This is a program funded by the U.S. Embassy in Beirut.

Outreach and Leadership Academy (OLA)

In partnership with Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development (HFSHD), OCE has run the Outreach & Leadership Academy (OLA) in Sidon since 2014.  It aims at establishing a culture of civic engagement, leadership formation and citizenship reinforcement, to bolster human capital.

Housed in newly restored eighteenth-century residence in Sidon’s Old Town, OLA acts as a beacon for civic engagement and an open space for all parents, students, teachers and practitioners to learn more about LAU and to engage in all its leadership and civic engagement initiatives. The location doubles as LAU’s and HFSHD’s South Lebanon office.

In 2016, OCE launched OLA Solidere and devised an action plan based on the bellow 8 pillars:

Simulation Models;