Outreach and Civic Engagement

Volunteerism, Networking, and Civic Engagement

We have an app that lists great volunteering opportunities from nearly 400 NGOs in Lebanon. Only for LAU students!
Some of our majors include a course that is just about community service with an NGO of your preference. We help you select the NGO that suits your interests.
Field trips! Our students volunteer to clean beaches, plant trees, entertain sick children, and much more. They also visit newspapers, hospitals, TV stations, industrial plants, museums, etc.
They say teaching is the best way to learn. We partner with MMKN, an organization that trains you and then lets you to give reinforcement classes to 9th-grade students in public schools. Our students are teaching French, physics, chemistry, biology, and math in the Beirut and Byblos areas.
Our students get to meet Lebanese pioneers in person and visit the organizations they run. The picture shows our students during a tour of MEA.

Volunteer Teachers Program

In collaboration with the NGO MMKN, OCE since 2011 has helped recruit and train LAU student volenteers to teach reinforcement sessions in public schools for Grades 8 and 9.

How do I qualify for volunteer teaching?

Prove good academic standing in the subject matter which you will be teaching.

What are the available options for volunteer teaching?

Get to know your NGO

Through a mobile app, LAU-NGO Network, OCE linked the LAU community with a broad network of local and international Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Through it, you will get access to:

To login, visit: https://ngomobile.lau.edu.lb/cms

Outreach and Corporate Visits

Through this OCE offering, you get to:

In addition, OCE strives to provide you with specific outreach activities such as:

Al Makassed MOU

The Outreach & Civic Engagement Department at LAU signed an MAU with Al Makassed Philanthropic Association which consists of the below:

  1. 6 Reinforcement sessions for Grade 9 conducted at Omar Bin Khattab Makassed School during March 2019, tackling different subjects (Math, English, chemistry…)
  2. Psychometric Analysis Workshop for 43 high rank educators and administrators of Al Makassed Philanthropic Association, on Saturday April 13, 2019 at LAU Beirut Campus. The next step is to be divided into 2 groups according to their personality type, based on their personality type:
    • Leading with Emotional Intelligence workshop
    • Situational Team Leadership
  3. USP Community Service projects at Al Makassed Semipublic Schools during AY 2019/2020
  4. “Plant a Smile” event at the Pediatrics Department of Al Makassed Hospital will take place on July 2, 2019
  5. LAU Leadership and Civic Engagement Certification

The USAID University Scholarship Program

OCE manages LAU’s USAID University Scholarship Program (USP), which allows academically qualified but financially underprivileged Lebanese students from public high schools to attend the university. Learn more.

The USAID Higher Education Scholarship Program

OCE manages LAU’s USAID Higher Education Scholarship Program (HES), which allows academically qualified but financially underprivileged Lebanese & Non-Lebanese (Refugee/Displaced) students from public & private high schools to attend the university. Learn more.

Celebrating International U.N. Days

“What Can You Do? Celebrating International U.N. Days”  is an initiative organized by is the OCE aiming at spreading awareness and celebrating International Days. This initiative is a creative platform that allows students to showcase their ideas, thoughts and talents. 

what can you do .png